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Over the last decade, I have spoken nationally for private organizations, colleges, and universities on the subjects of art and religion. I am willing to work with you and your organization to develop a program of talks, workshops,  and/or exhibitions which would be appropriate for your needs. As a college professor, former department head, artist, art historian, religion scholar I have a wealth of experience to bring to the table.

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for considering me. I am honored.

I speak on a variety of subjects. Listed below are some academic letures and workshops that I give. But, I am available to speak in a variety of venues. For more complete speaking information please visit my speaking page HERE.


Academic LecturesRondall (1 of 1)

Reynoso has delivered academic lectures in a broad variety of venues and is willing to develop specific talks related to his academic research. Reynoso is currently prepared to deliver academic lectures on the following subjects.

        • The Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery- The lectures Reynoso has most commonly delivered relate to his research on the history of the impressive and idiosyncratic Bob Jones University collection of religious art and the broader cultural programming at Bob Jones University. Lectures relating to the Bob Jones collection are appropriate for both academic and general audiences and are relevant far beyond the scope of American Fundamentalism.
        • Xu Bing- The work of the famous contemporary Chinese Xu Bing is heavily influenced by a Buddhist mindset. This lecture examines how this play out in his work.
        • The Iconography of Edward Knippers- This lecture looks at the traditional and innovative iconography employed by the controversial and important religious artist Edward Knippers.
        • The Theological Aesthetic of Nudity in Evangelical Christianity- Reynoso examines the theological approach taken within evangelicalism to nudity in art. The lecture looks at several contemporary artists but with a special focus on the work of Edward Knippers.
        • Five Evangelical Christs- This lecture looks at five images of Christ which are reflective of evangelical conceptions of Jesus Christ.
        • Six Mormon Christs- This lecture looks at five images of Christ which are reflective of Mormon conceptions of Jesus the and historical development of this visual culture.
        • The Christocentric Kinkade- In this lecture Reynoso explores the conception of Christ as presented in the paintings of Thomas Kinkaide.
        • Visual Theology- Reynoso presents an argument for an expanded view of theology which includes non-verbal ways of knowing and non-discursive ways of communicating. He argues that some truths can be more fully communicated through the visual arts than through verbal language.


Rondall Reynoso is interested in encouraging and developing culture making creativity. As such, the following multi-day workshops are available to be added to the life of your college, or organization. All workshops are designed to be taught over a 3-5 day period. All workshops are designed to be appropriate for both beginners and experienced artists.

      • Grunewald WorkshopIntroduction to Drawing- Rondall has years of experience teaching drawing at the college level but he has also taught to adults and spent several years teaching children in a homeschool co-op. This workshop helps attendies learn the observational skills needed to make good drawings. This Faith on View blog article on Teaching Drawing explores Rondall’s approach to teaching drawing and shows some examples of his success.
      • Contemporary Contemplative Spiritual Art- This workshop is addapted from a course which Rondall taught geared toward divinity students. This workshop engages students with the process of making contemporary art as a contemplative act. Participants explore how contemplative art can explore issues of glory, awe, devotion, interiority, and more.
      • Introduction to abstraction– In drawing and painting courses, Rondall has long included projects that help students to explore abstraction. He has taken those same ideas and adapted them to a workshop format which found its initial success at the Grünewald Guild in Washington state. Participants explore various approached to abstraction and begin to develop their own abstract sensibility.
      • Introduction to Digital Photography– Rondall’s wife Pamela is a photographer who, like Rondall, has an interest in promoting creativity and artistry in the Church. This workshop explores the basics of digital photography with the participants whether they are using their cell phone or a DSLR.

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