This page is dedicated to both my scholarly writing and my writing as an artist. My scholarly interests focus on the relationship of art and religion, primarily in the 20th and 21st century. The writings related to my artwork are more personal and reflective.


Five Evangelical Christs: Art as a Reflection of of Faith (2013) ready for submission.

Art is reflective of culture. This paper looks at five visual conceptions of Jesus Christ and how those conceptions are reflective of evangelical culture. The use of artwork and the examination of the philosophies which develop the art and the appreciation of the art allows evangelicalism to be more illumed.


The Cross, The Wilderness, and The Virgin: The Contemporary Christian Iconography of Edward Knippers (2013) ready for submission.

This paper looks at how Edward Knippers employs a mixture of historic and personal iconography in his paintings. He uses this iconography to both ground his work, which is based in his personal religious beliefs, in the broader historic context both religious and secular. However, he also uses an idiosyncratic iconography to add personal meaning to his work which has become increasingly personal as his career has progressed.


That’s not Art…That’s Nekkid: Edward Knippers and the Aesthetic of Nudity in Evangelical Christianity (2013) ready for submission.

This paper examines the artwork of Edward Knippers to explore the evangelical theology and aesthetic of nudity. Edward Knippers has been an important figure within the Christian art world for several decades. He has experienced broad success both within religious circles and secular. Yet his work pushes at boundaries which cause his work to fit comfortably in neither world. His art is intentionally and overtly religious but at the same time the nudity and physicality of the work pushes at the boundaries of popular religious mores.


Bringing Men to Christ- Cultural Programming at Bob Jones University in the Mid-Twentieth Century (2012) Talk delivered from this text at the 2012 Conference of Faith and History at Gordon College in Wenham, MA.

This paper was an adaptation of my research on Bob Jones University Collection. However, in this piece the focus is expanded to the entire cultural programming of the University.


Expanding Theology: An Argument for Visual Theology (2013) ready for submission

Explored in this paper is the notion of expanding the definition of theology to include non-verbal laguages andmodes o communication. Specifically, this paper focuses on the ways in which the visual language and discourse can be viewed as a theological discourse.


Between Two Worlds (2012) published June 18, 2012 on CIVA.org.

Christians in the Visual Arts originally asked me to produce this article, when I was living in Louisiana, for an issue of  CIVA’s Journal SEEN which they were producing on the theme of North and South. That theme was later cancelled and the article was published on CIVA’s website at http://civa.org/civablog/between-two-worlds/.


Red Carpet over the Sawdust Trail (2011) ready for submission.

The Bob Jones Collection is surprising in so many ways. This article examines the development of the institution that birthed this collection which is simultaneously progressive and anachronistic.  The article addresses teh growth of the University, the life of the collector, and the history of the collection itself.


Art in the Service of Evangelism (2011) ready for submission.

The Bob Jones Collection has a very specific purpose. the University was a able to put together a tremendous collection of art that the institution sees not as an end to itself but as a tool for the greater purpose of evangelism. This short paper focuses very specifically on this aspect of the collection.


Art and Christian Fundamentalism (2006) unpublished.

“Art and Christian Fundamentalism: The Bob Jones University Collection” is my Thesis from my Masters in art history. It was the first study of the history of this unique collection in several decade and the only study to date that was by a scholar not employed or commission by Bob Jones University. The study documents the growth and history of this compelling collection.


Virtue & Knowledge- An Exhibition Statement (2004) unpublished.

This was my Master’s Thesis for my MFA. It examines my growth as an artist to the point of my MFA exhibition. It is a very personal and reflective piece exploring my search, my struggles, and the philosophy which influences my work.